American Eagle Financial Credit Union continued its support of veterans by concluding a month-long celebration of veterans, their families, and the organizations that support them. Rather than celebrate just one day, we dedicated an entire month to honor the men and women who have served our country. AEFCU’s Veterans Month honored the men and women who have served our country with an American Eagle Honor Roll of Veterans displayed here.

$5,000 in grants awarded to local veterans' organizations

Additionally, AEFCU awarded a total of $5,000 in grants from its Donor-Advised Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving to organizations that support veterans. Each Monday in November, AEFCU announced a $1,000 grant to a different organization among our five-county charter, as chosen by a group of AEFCU employees.

“We can never say thank you enough to the men and women who fought for and protected our country throughout the years.  But, by sharing our gratitude and appreciation over an entire month, including the traditional November 11 Veterans Day celebration, we hope to show that we will always remember and honor their service,” said Dean Marchessault, President & CEO of American Eagle Financial Credit Union. “Our month-long program was spearheaded by the employees of AEFCU who will help build the American Eagle Honor Roll of Veterans and decide the recipients of our weekly donations to veterans’ organizations. This was truly a labor of love for all.”

House of Heroes, Connecticut - New Haven County

November 2 - Congratulations to House of Heroes, Connecticut in Hamden on receiving a $1,000 grant from the American Eagle Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. House of Heroes is a nonprofit organization that coordinates repairs and improvements on the homes of military veterans facing physical or financial limitations. Organizations and individuals donate anything from money to materials to help complete these projects. All repairs and improvements are done at no cost to the veteran and are completed by volunteers and skilled tradespeople who volunteer their time.

"House of Heroes Connecticut is thrilled that American Eagle Financial Credit Union is supporting our work with this generous grant," said House of Heroes Executive Director Dennis Buden. "We look forward to using these vital funds to provide home repairs for a New Haven County veteran in need in the near future." 

Middlesex Community College Foundation - Middlesex County

November 9 - Middlesex Community College Foundation is grateful to receive the American Eagle Financial Credit Union Fund grant via the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. The $1,000 grant will help sustain educational opportunities for Middlesex students who are military veterans. “We are proud to support America’s military veterans and service members as students and ensure their success on our campus,” said Steve Minkler, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer at Middlesex Community College. Based in Middletown, Middlesex also engages veterans through a support and lounge center, a veterans' club, and career development as well as access to many local and national resources, counseling, and assistance. To learn more visit

Dog Star Rescue - Hartford County

November 16 - Dog Star Rescue, Dogs for Veterans program, matches qualified veteran service men and women with deserving abandoned dogs and to provide each with a rewarding life experience. The matchmaking pairs veterans with a specifically selected rescue dog, based on the veteran’s personality and lifestyle to make the perfect companion match. Dogs for Veterans focuses on matching rescue dogs to be companions and emotional support dogs and to help heal the emotional wounds of military veterans.

“Thank you for awarding our Dogs for Veterans program with this grant. The money will allow us to further the program's goal of providing companion dogs for veterans which can improve mental well-being, motivate veterans to get up and go out in the community, and enhance disabled veterans' transition back to civilian life,” said Dan McCabe, President, Dog Star Rescue.

University of Connecticut Foundation - Tolland County

November 23 - This week’s grant recipient is the University of Connecticut Foundation on behalf of the UConn Veterans Affairs and Military Programs. Their mission is to support, advocate for, provide resources for, and advise over 800 military-affiliated students to ensure they maximize the benefits they have earned and use them in the manner that best enables them to accomplish their educational goals. This is accomplished by focusing on three key areas of veterans assistance:

1) Benefits Certification - Processing and advising on all military benefits to include all forms of the GI Bill, the National Guard Waiver, and the State Veterans Waiver.

2) Programming - Events for military affiliated students including, career events, military appreciation games, donation drives, and ceremonies.

3) Community Building - Linking military affiliated students with each other and with the larger community. Coordination and events with the VA, the Veterans History Project, and providing veteran spaces on all campuses.

“This generous donation could not come at a better time. We will use this donation to directly support growth and community building for our student veterans. This fund is used for everything from student supplies to sending our Veteran Student Organization to professional development events. Thank you very much for your generosity, and for recognizing the support we provide to military students,” said Alyssa Kelleher, Director, Veteran Affairs and Military Programs, University of Connecticut.

Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Massachusetts, Inc. - Hampden County, MA

November 30 –  Our final grant recipient is The Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Massachusetts, Inc., in Springfield. They are “veterans helping veterans” with a mission to serve veterans seeking assistance for service to our country. This includes disability claims, basic human needs, healthcare, employment, housing, substance abuse, and more. The Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Mass Inc. has been operating in Western Massachusetts since August 1987, with facilities in Springfield and Pittsfield.

”We operate a 20 bed apartment building for needy veterans and a Homeless Veteran Transitional Home for individuals overcoming the challenges of drug and alcohol addiction. This generous donation from American Eagle will help purchase food, winter clothing, and other necessities for our shelter residents this holiday season,” said Gumersindo Gomez, Executive Director, Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Massachusetts, Inc.

Honor Roll of Veterans


  • Tyler Abbott
  • Demetrius Bentley
  • Phillip Boyer, III
  • Joe Brown
  • Jason Cap
  • Frank Chirico
  • Joseph Comarella
  • Hugh Cullen
  • Chester F. Dobek
  • Tim Grant
  • George Griswold
  • Herbert Hakey
  • Tina Helbig
  • Matt Hlasny
  • Michael J. Lang
  • David Lewis
  • Stephen Lusardi
  • Neal Lynch
  • Denise Moore
  • Robert Moore
  • William C. Moore
  • William C. Moore, Jr.
  • Delton Muller
  • Robert Nowak
  • Daniel Palmer
  • Walter Paprota
  • Edward Paynter
  • Wilmer Pelletier
  • Steven Pike
  • James Savage
  • Corina H. Scagliola
  • Norman J. Soucy
  • Michael A. Spano
  • Patricia Wagner


  • Edward Barbarini
  • Norman Barnard
  • Walter Berigow
  • John Beston
  • Nick Boudreau
  • Phillip Boyer, Jr.
  • Louis Carsonico
  • Hubert Castonguay
  • José Cruz, Jr.
  • Francis Dean
  • Gordon H. Dimock
  • Armand J. Drouin
  • James Evans
  • William J. Evans
  • Jon Michael Fiorillo
  • Gusmersindo Gomez
  • Gordon Graham
  • Alexander Guidetti
  • Frank Guidetti
  • Robert Guidetti
  • Paul E. Haas
  • Wendy S. Haas
  • Donna Hakey
  • Orrin Hakey, Jr.
  • Orrin Hakey, Sr.
  • Sheldon G. Hare
  • Ronald Hewett
  • George L. Holloman
  • John K. Hopf
  • Donnie Jordan
  • Lorese Knight
  • Raymond Knight
  • Louis Kozikowski
  • Albina Kunsaw
  • Mike Lasko
  • Thomas Lavigne
  • Phillip Macchi II
  • Mark P. Manganello
  • Christy N. Marinelli, Sr.
  • Henry Mazor
  • Matthew Melanson
  • Dennis Mitchell
  • Julie Muller
  • Lloyd Munroe, Jr.
  • Thomas P. Olechnicki
  • Douglas James Palmer
  • Everton Palmer
  • Brian Pelletier
  • Victor Reuter
  • Nelson Earl Robinson
  • Ronald P. Ryel
  • Karl Smith
  • Edward Snietka
  • Joseph Staton
  • Kennard Stevens
  • Emy St. John
  • Steve Strickland
  • Luis Texidor
  • Richard Thompson
  • Robert Wallace
  • Susan Way
  • Linda G. West
  • Jorden Williams
  • John Zarillo


  • Ronald Hirth
  • Donald Naples
  • Basil E. Stone
  • Brian Vagell


  • Roger Archambeault
  • F. John Arens
  • Timothy Baker
  • David Clavette
  • Russell D. Craig
  • Sean Dougan
  • Edward D. Evans, Sr.
  • Robert Gargano
  • Harold Graham III
  • Rich Grogoza
  • Edward Mackiewicz
  • Vincent A. Manganello
  • George Miller
  • Larry Ray Moon
  • Todd Parisi
  • Richard Perez, Jr.
  • James Pluff
  • Eugene Polaske
  • Matt Prince
  • Stephen Ransom, Sr.
  • Peter W. Rogan
  • Andrea Ryder
  • Shayne Safford
  • Anthony E. Scalise, Jr.
  • Thomas Simonds
  • Raymond Smith
  • Vanessa Soria
  • Clayton Soucie
  • David Steele
  • Daniel J. Thienel
  • Donte Whitworth
  • Ted Willenbrock
  • Ryan Wilkinson


  • Steven Abbate
  • John Beston, Jr.
  • Edward Binder
  • Donald Devanney, Jr.
  • Maribel Freeman
  • Jack Giambattista
  • Sam Grogoza
  • Arthur Joseph Hamel
  • John (Baggy) Hovhanessian
  • Thomas Jenkins
  • Kathy Karnolt
  • Greta King
  • William Lang
  • Richard Marco
  • Wilson Paul McBeth
  • Raymond Morales
  • Arthur Parker
  • Francis Putira
  • Charles Nelson Reynolds, Jr.
  • Sean Rosen
  • George Spak
  • Alfred E. Stasiewski
  • Richard Joseph Stevenson
  • Daniel Tripp, Sr.
  • Alexander Wojtera