It is our discretion to make the funds available for deposit, upon notification of payor, up to two (2) days before receipt of actual funds from the payor. This service will be reflective of your account history. Earlier availability of direct deposits is dependent on the timing of your payor’s payment instructions, fraud prevention overlays, and other restrictions, such as limits on the amount and frequency of direct deposits to your account. We do not guarantee early availability of any direct deposits, and eligibility of a direct deposit for early availability may change between pay periods. Any direct deposit that is not posted early will otherwise be made available according to our funds availability schedule. Even after we have made funds available to you and you have withdrawn the funds, you remain responsible and liable if any deposit to your account is returned, rejected, or otherwise uncollected by us. We reserve the right to conclude the early availability of direct deposit at our sole discretion and without any further notice to you. You may opt out of Early Direct Deposit at any time by calling 800.842.0145.