Convenience Services

To report a lost or stolen Debit Card, call 800.842.0145.

Visa® Debit Card

Life can get pretty busy, so naturally you value your free time more than ever. At American Eagle FCU, we give you the tools to make life easier, like our Visa® Debit Card. The Visa® Debit Card works like a check and makes shopping easy. Just present your Debit Card and sign when making a purchase wherever you see the Visa® logo. The funds will be withdrawn directly from your Checking account. You can also use your Debit Card with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to pay for purchases from Visa® merchants and request cash back at many locations. It’s like having an ATM at the checkout counter, without a fee. All transactions will appear on your monthly checking statement.

It’s an ATM Card too

The Visa® Debit Card works like an ATM card, too. Use it to make cash withdrawals and more at any American Eagle FCU ATM and other financial institutions ATMs displaying the NYCE® or Cirrus® symbol. A service charge may apply for using your Credit Union ATM or Debit Card in other financial institutions ATMs.

Members may use ATMs located at American Eagle FCU branches with no fees for cash withdrawals, deposits, balances, transfers, loan payments, account-to-account transfers, and mini-statements. You can even purchase U.S. Postage stamps (sheets of 18 self-adhesive) at face value at some Credit Union ATM locations. Credit Union ATMs are located at all of our public branches, and most in-plant locations.

ATM/Debit Card PIN Request

Surcharge-free allpoint ATM Network

American Eagle FCU participates in the Allpoint Network to provide members with surcharge-free transactions at over 50,000 ATMs worldwide, including 38,000 ATMs across the United States, and 2,400 ATMs throughout New England.

Where can I find an Allpoint ATM?
Allpoint ATMs are located in popular retailers including Target, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, 7-Eleven, Hess, Sunoco, and others. In fact, one in every 12 ATMs in America is an Allpoint ATM. Participating ATMs are branded with the distinctive green Allpoint logo. You can use the Allpoint ATM locater or download the free Allpoint mobile app for smartphone users. Members will continue to have access to surcharge-free ATMs through the SUM Network.

What is an ATM surcharge?
A "surcharge-fee" (also known as a convenience fee), is the fee the owner of the ATM assesses to all foreign cardholders (not a cardholder of the institution owning the ATM). The surcharge fee at most ATMs is between $1.50 and $3.00 and displayed on your transaction receipt. This is the fee that will be waived for American Eagle FCU ATM and Debit cardholders.

Due to technical limitations at certain ATMs, the surcharge fee message may appear at some Allpoint ATMs. Just continue with the transaction and select "YES" when prompted. The surcharge fee will NOT appear on your transaction receipt.

What is an ATM service fee?
Some financial institutions charge a "service fee" or "foreign ATM fee" to their own cardholders when they use an ATM that is owned by another organization. This service fee is not affected by our participation in the Allpoint Network.

Surcharge-Free SUM ATM Network

American Eagle FCU participates in the surcharge-free SUM ATM network.
You can find a list of participating surcharge-free ATMs at

Using Your Card Outside the United States

When using your Credit Union credit card, debit card, or ATM card outside the U.S., the fraud monitoring system in place for your protection may decline your card while trying to make purchases in many foreign countries.

Before you depart on your next vacation or business trip outside the United States, call our Member Contact Center at 800.842.0145, at least one week before departure and provide us with the dates and destinations. By notifying us in advance, we can set up your cards for foreign travel usage and will do our best to prevent your card from being blocked in most (but not all) countries.

If your VISA credit card with us has a chip on the front, you should make note of the PIN associated with this card. If you visit a merchant with a chip-enabled terminal, you may be asked to input the PIN associated with your card. If you do not know the PIN associated with your VISA card, please log into online banking, select ‘more info’ next to your VISA card, then select Services/Manage Cards/Request PIN or call the Member Contact Center at 800.842.0145. Knowing the PIN will be especially important if traveling overseas.

Debit and ATM Card Blocked Countries
American Eagle FCU has blocked the use of our debit card and ATM card in various foreign countries to protect you against fraud. See the chart below for a current list of blocked countries.

International Service Fee
You may use your Visa card to make a cash advance at financial institutions in the country you are visiting. A foreign transaction fee may apply. See Schedule of Fees

Countries Blocked Visa Credit Card Debit Card ATM Card
Balkans X    
Belarus* X X  x
Bosnia & Herzegovina   X  
Bulgaria   X  
Burma (Myanmar)* x x x
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)* X X X
Croatia   X  
Cuba* X X X
Democratic Republic of the Congo* X X X
Iran* X X X
Iraq* X X X
Italy X X  
Jamaica     X
Lebanon* X X X
Liberia* X X X
Libya* X X X
Macedonia   X  
Mexico X X  
Montenegro   X  
North Korea* X X  x
Philippines X X X
Romania X X X
Russia X X X
Serbia   X  
Slovenia   X  
Somalia* X X X
South Africa X    
Sudan* X
Turkey   X
United Kingdom X  

Countries indicated in BOLD faced text with an asterisk (*) following the name are nations that are a part of the Office of Foreign Assets Control's (OFAC's) prohibited country list. These are foreign countries that U.S. persons and financial institutions are prohibited from transacting business with.

Using Your Debit Card at an Automated Teller Machine Outside the United States

Due to extensive fraudulent activities in the use of ATM’s abroad, your debit card may not work at a blocked foreign country’s ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to make cash withdrawals using your PIN. We cannot unblock the use of ATM’s in these countries.

ATM Blocked Countries

Please see above chart.

ATM Transaction Charges

Transactions at American Eagle FCU ATMs, NYCE Point of Sale (POS) payments, and Account to Account (A2A) transfers are free. Network ATM fees may apply.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the smart way to get paid. You won’t have to wait for a check or make a special trip to the branch. With Direct Deposit, your payroll, pension, social security, tax refund, and other government checks are automatically deposited into your account without delay. So your money starts working for you immediately upon deposit.

To sign up for Direct Deposit into your American Eagle FCU account, provide the following information to your payroll, pension, or Social Security office:

  1. Our name and address
    American Eagle Financial Credit Union
    417 Main Street, P.O. Box 280128
    East Hartford, CT 06128-0128
  2. Your account number to receive the direct deposit
  3. Our ABA Routing Transit Number

Money Orders

Money orders provide a safe alternative to sending cash through the mail and they are as good as cash when you do not have time to let a check clear. Money orders are issued by MoneyGram. A fee may apply for each money order purchase. There is a $500 limit per money order. Lost and stolen money orders are covered by MoneyGram for a small fee. Money Orders can be purchased at any Credit Union branch.

Notary Public Service

Many of our Credit Union branches have a Notary Public Service to officially witness your signature on important documents. There is no charge to use our notary service. Contact your local branch for details.

US Savings Bonds

The Credit Union redeems series E and EE bonds. Series EE bonds are available to members at half the face value of the bond. Members must wait a minimum of six months before cashing out the bond. Bonds purchased from 1995 and later reach maturity in approximately 17 years. Bonds continue to accrue interest for 30 years after the issue date. U.S. Savings Bonds are a safe, secure way to save money and a great gift idea. Series EE bonds bought after January 1, 1990, are not subject to taxes if the bonds are used for a child's education and satisfy other rules. Certain restrictions apply. Consult your tax advisor for details.

Wire Transfers

Members may use our wire transfer service to send (outgoing) and receive (incoming) funds electronically to and from other financial institutions. Contact a Credit Union representative for details.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

There are separate fees for domestic and foreign outgoing wire transfers. The member should provide the Credit Union with wiring instructions from the recipient financial institution. Availability of funds depends on the financial institution transferring the funds. Your signature is required prior to processing the transfer and verification of identity may be required. International wire transfers must be completed by 3:00 p.m. Domestic wire transfers must be completed by 2:00 p.m.

Incoming Wire Transfers

There is a fee to receive an incoming wire transfer and no minimum transfer amount. Please provide the sending financial institution with the Credit Union's ABA # 211176891, your account number, and the account type (checking, savings, etc.)

Member Account Information-terms and conditions

Please click the link to view the Terms and Conditions of your account.