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My first checking

The My First Checking account gives teens between the ages of 13 and 17 the opportunity to learn smart banking habits while having the help and oversight of a parent or guardian. We’ll give you all of the tools you and your teen need to make learning the financial ropes a breeze.


  • NO Minimum Balance*
  • NO Monthly Service Charge*
  • OVER 60,000 FREE ATMs at SUM and Allpoint Machines nationwide1
  • FREE VISA® Debit or ATM Card
  • FREE Mobile Banking
  • FREE Online Banking
  • FREE e-Statements

It's has most of the same features and benefits of a regular Checking but with a few differences to help your teen on their way to financial independence. See our FAQs below, it will help answer most your questions.

*Dormant fee charged annually for a Checking account that has not had activity in one (1) year or more and has a balance less than $100.00. Inactivity fee charged monthly for Savings and Checking only, with combined balances of less than $100.00, no activity for 6 consecutive months, account holder is age 22 or older, and not a borrower on a loan. The account will be closed when it reaches $0.00 balance.

1.Access to over 60,000 ATMs includes machines in the following surcharge-free networks: Allpoint Network and SUM Network. Also included are American Eagle Financial Credit Union’s own proprietary ATM machines.


Visit any American Eagle FCU branch to open a My First Checking account.

Here are a few things you'll need to bring with you:

Teen Identification
It can be any ONE of the following:

•Children’s Passport (for minors under age 16)
•U.S. Passport
•Driver’s License or State issued Identification Card
•Student ID Issued by School with photo (current school year)
•Birth Certificate with raised seal
•Medical Card

Mobile Phone
We can help you download our user-friendly Mobile app to you and your teens phone. It's a great way to keep track of your My First Checking account.


A $5 savings account is all you need to become a member of the Credit Union. You can link the Savings to your My FIRST CHECKING and save for things like college, car insurance, or a new phone!


What is My First Checking?

My First Checking is designed specifically to help teens save (and spend) their money in a responsible way.
This account gives young members the independence to make purchases and manage their money, with a
little guidance from their parents.

What can teens do with a My First Checking?

Teens will get a VISA® Debit Card for ATM transactions and purchases, access to Mobile Banking, Online Banking and more. See inside brochure for more details on how it all works.

What can adults do with a My First Checking account?

The adult can do everything a teen can do. This will help you maintain a close eye on your teen's account and help them with their first Checking account.

What are the eligibility requirements for a My First Checking account?

• Teen member must be between the ages of 13 and 17 years.

• It has to be a joint account with a parent, legal guardian, or adult family member age 21 or over.

What are the limits on My First Checking debit card?

Daily cash withdrawal limit of $250. Daily signature transaction limit of $1000. See your account disclosure for further information on debit card usage and limits.

What fees will I incur with a My First Checking account?

There are no minimum balances or monthly fees on the account, however, if you overdraw (meaning spend
more than you have) you will incur a fee. If you use an ATM that isn’t American Eagle FCU’s You may have
a fee for foreign ATM transactions. Please see the Consumer Schedule of Fees for full details.

How do I make deposits into My First Checking?

You may make cash deposits at one of our AEFCU ATMs or any branch location. You may make check deposits through the ATM, at a branch or by using the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) menu in Mobile Banking. Please see our account and Online Banking disclosures for further information on these services and the holds that may be associated with a check deposit.

How do I withdraw money from My First Checking?

Your My First Checking comes with a debit card for you to use to withdraw funds from most ATM locations. If you use American Eagle FCU or locations marked with an Allpoint logo, then you will reduce or eliminate any fees associated with your ATM withdrawal. See your account disclosure for information on fees, or limitations of using your card to withdraw funds

Can I set up an Automatic Savings Plan for My First Checking?

Yes, you can set up an automatic transfer in Online Banking by choosing the frequency that you would like the transfer to occur, the start date and the amount. If you change your mind and want to stop the transfer, or decide to start saving more money, you can manage the changes yourself in Online Banking by doing an edit to the transfer.

How do I get into Online Banking and Mobile Banking?

When you opened your account, you were provided with a Member Number, you will use that number, along with certain pieces of identifying information, to sign up for online banking on our website: www.americaneagle.org. Once you register for Online Banking your user will be enabled for Mobile Banking.

To access Mobile Banking, download the AEFCU app from either the Apple or Google Play stores, depending on your device. (Important note: the apps are not configured to work on tablets, so if you download the app to anything other than your smartphone, not all features may work properly.) Once the app is on your phone, you will use the user name and password you set up in Online Banking to access your account on Mobile.

How do I sign up for e-Statements?

You will sign up for E-Statements in Online Banking. Go to the E-Statement menu, agree to receive E-Statements and you are all set! Once you are registered for E-Statements, you will get an email when your statement is ready to be viewed. Go back to Online Banking and to the E-Statement menu, and you will be able to view, print or save your account statement.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions (deposits or withdrawals) I can do a month?

There are no transaction limits on your checking account, except as it applies to limits on your debit card. Transactions (deposits and withdrawals) at branch locations or online are unlimited for your checking.

You can also withdraw funds at any of our convenient branch locations; just bring your identification with you.

Does My First Checking come with checks?

No, it doesn’t come with checks. However, if you’d like to order checks you can.


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•Review cell phone records for any unknown numbers and late night phone calls and texts.
•Remind your children that anything they send from their phones can be easily forwarded and shared.
•Teach your child to never reveal cell phone numbers or passwords online.
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