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Mobile Banking

Life can take you near and far. take your banking for the ride.

Enjoy the convenience of banking on your mobile device, relaxing at home or "on-the-go," with American Eagle FCU Mobile Banking. It's safe, easy, convenient, and FREE. Our app allows you to:

  • View account balances, detail, and history
  • Transfer money
  • Pay bills
  • Pay AEFCU Visa and loans
  • Deposit checks (using the camera in your device)
  • View and send secure messages from and to us
  • Manage your profile and security settings
  • Locate AEFCU branches
  • Locate ATMs - AEFCU and surcharge-free (Allpoint and SUM networks)

Download our FREE mobile banking app

  1. Click the appropriate iPhone or Android icon and search "AEFCU"  or "American Eagle FCU" in your app store.

  2. Download the app to your device.
  3. Open the app and log in with your online banking User ID and Password.

If you are not enrolled in Online Banking, click here to enroll first. Once you are signed up for online banking you can begin using the mobile banking app.

Iphone users LOGIN WITH Touch ID

Skip the repetitive process of entering your username and password, without sacrificing your security. Touch ID lets you quickly and safely login into your account with a touch of your finger. This feature is currently available on iPhone 5s or newer. It is not yet available for Android.

How to enable Touch ID

  • Enable Touch ID on your mobile device settings
  • Download the latest version of the AEFCU app (
  • Sign into the app using your username and password
  • From the menu, select: Member Services, User Profile, Manager Touch ID
  • Enter a device name, user ID, and password to activate Touch ID

Fast Balances

View your deposit and loan balances and last five transactions (excludes mortgage and Visa) without entering your login information every time. You choose which accounts are displayed and can disable the feature at any time. No identifying numbers or names are displayed for security and privacy.

Follow this one-time setup:

  1. Login to the mobile app and choose
  2. Member Services
  3. User Profile
  4. Manage Fast Balances
  5. Select accounts.

Mobile Alerts

Mobile app users can set up, edit, and delete the same alerts and reminders in online banking.

  • Reminder Alert
  • Balance Alert
  • Check Cleared Alert
  • Daily Balance Alert
  • Secure Message Alert

frequently asked Questions

What devices can be used with the mobile banking app?

You may use most mobile devices including smartphones and tablets to use our mobile banking app.

How do I get the mobile banking app?

For new online banking members:

  1. Go to americaneagle.org and register for online banking
  2. Go to the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and search American Eagle FCU Mobile Banking
  3. Download the free app to your mobile device

 For existing online banking members:

  1. Follow steps two and three above

How do I log into mobile banking?

You can log into mobile banking using your online banking credentials (username and password). iPhone users may also activate Touch ID in their settings and then log into mobile banking through finger recognition.

Is there a fee to use mobile banking?

No. There is no fee to use the Credit Union's 24-hour mobile banking service.

Is the mobile banking app secure?

Absolutely yes. Our mobile banking service uses multiple layers of security including password protection, internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption, the highest level of security available.

Can I use different mobile devices to access mobile banking?

Yes. Provided that the AEFCU mobile banking app is installed on the mobile device, you may login using your unique username and password to access your accounts and all the functionality of mobile banking.

Can I change my profile information through the mobile banking app?

Yes, you can change your address, password, email, user ID, and security settings in the mobile banking app by selecting Member Services > User Profile from the menu.

Why do I see a picture after entering my User ID?

That is the picture you selected when you registered for online banking. If you don't recognize the picture, verify that you entered the correct User ID. If your User ID is correct, but the picture is still wrong, call our Member Contact Center at 860.568.2020.

Who can I call with questions or problems about the mobile banking app?

Representatives in our Member Contact Center can assist you with any questions by calling 800.842.0145, or 860.568.2020.

To what accounts may I make a mobile check deposit?

Using our mobile app you may deposit a check into your Savings, Checking, Club, and Money Market accounts.



How do I deposit a check in mobile banking?

  • Sign your name on the back of the check (as it appears on the front).
  • Just below your signature, write the account number where the deposit will be applied.
  • Log into the AEFCU mobile app from your mobile device.
  • Select the menu bars at the top right of the Accounts screen.
  • Select "Deposit a Check" from the menu (4th in list).
  • Select the account to deposit the check from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the check amount and select "Done."
  • Click the blue bar and proceed to take a photo of the front of the check. Place the check on a dark flat background for best results. Be certain that the entire check image fits into the green rectangle that appears on your camera.
  • Click the blue bar and proceed to take a photo of the back of the check. Place the check on a dark flat background for best results. Be certain that the entire check image fits into the green rectangle that appears on your camera. 
  • Click the "Make Deposit" button to complete the transaction.

Do both sides of the check have to be photographed?

Yes, the system will prompt you to scan both the front then the back of the check. See the question "How do I deposit a check in mobile banking?" for details.

How long does it take to receive credit for my deposit?

We process remote check deposits multiple processing times during the day. More frequent processing means  the funds get into your account faster - the same day in many cases. If the deposit is scanned after the last cutoff time, your deposit will be reviewed and credited the next business day.

What holds are placed on a mobile deposit?

  • The first $200 of your mobile deposit is available immediately.
  • There is a two-day hold on the remaining amount of a local check.
  • There is a five-day hold on the remaining amount of a non-local check.
  • Longer delays may apply according to the AEFCU Check Cashing Policy.

How will I know if my mobile check deposit was accepted?

Upon submitting the deposit, you will receive an on-screen confirmation number for your reference. You will also get separate confirmation emails when the item is received, approved (posted), adjusted, or rejected.

What is the limit on the number and amount of checks I can deposit?

  • The maximum amount of any one check for mobile deposit is $10,000.
  • The daily deposit limit is 10 checks or $10,000.
  • The weekly deposit limit s 20 checks or $10,000.
  • the monthly deposit limit is 25 checks or $20,000.

What do I do with the paper check after it is scanned?

Do not destroy the actual check until you are certain that the deposit was credited to your account. You will receive a confirmation email when the check has been accepted (posted). We suggest keeping the check for a minimum of 60-days before shredding and discarding.

How do I fix a camera permission error when depositing a check on my Android phone?

To fix the camera permission error on an Android phone:

  • Open "Settings" on your Android device.
  • Open "Applications" ("Apps Manager" in some versions).
  • Choose the AEFCU app.
  • Choose AEFCU app permissions.
  • Turn on the camera permissions.

You should now be able to deposit a check in the mobile banking app with your Android device.

Why is my mobile check deposit being rejected?

  • We have identified a technical issue with our mobile deposit vendor that affects some members who have the same account number for both Primary Savings and Checking.
  • One solution is to make the mobile deposit into another one of your AEFCU accounts with a different account number and then transfer the money into the desired account.
  • If this is not an option for you, call our Member Contact Center for assistance at 860.568.2020 or 800.842.0145.
  • Thank you for your patience while we work with our vendor to fix this issue.

What items cannot be deposited using the mobile app?

The following items cannot be deposited through the mobile app:

  • Third-Party Checks
  • Checks for which you are not holder in due course (not payable to member on account).
  • Checks over $10,000
  • Checks with Qualified or Conditional endorsements
  • Checks payable to more than one individual where all parties are not signers on the account (including government checks)
  • Any item stamped “Non-negotiable” or “This is not a check”
  • Savings Bonds
  • Money Orders
  • Traveler’s Checks
  • "Stale” or “Post” dated checks
  • Any item issued by a financial institution in a foreign country or in foreign currency
  • An item that is incomplete
  • Any item that contains evidence of alteration to the information on the item
  • Any item that has folds or torn edges

How can I view a photo of my mobile check deposit?

  • Open the Mobile Banking app.
  • Click the top right menu bar.
  • Select "Deposit a Check" from the list of options.
  • Click the "View Deposit History" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the transaction for which you want to view the check.
  • Select "Done" to return to the list of transactions.