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Which option puts more money in your pocket? this calculator to help you determine whether you should take advantage of low interest financing or a manufacturer’s rebate.

You have multiple loan options available, so take time to look at the details of all possibilities, from monthly payment to loan amount, interest rate and term.

Before you sign the papers on an auto loan, be sure it comes with manageable payments. With this calculator, you can figure your estimated monthly payment based on the total loan amount. 

See how much money you could potentially save each month by refinancing your auto loan at a lower interest rate through American Eagle FCU.

See sow much could you save by transferring your balance. This calculator calculates the amount of interest you'll save by transferring exisiting balances to a lower rate credit card. 

Generate an estimated payoff schedule for your current mortgage and quickly see how much interest you could pay and your estimated principal balances.

Will you save money by refinancing now? That depends on a multitude of factors that you can weigh using this calculator.

See how consistent investments over many years, even if they’re small additions, can help you build up your savings and accumulate more wealth.

Find out how much interest you will have earned by the time your certificate reaches maturity.

Maybe you have outstanding balances hanging over you from unpaid loans and credit cards or just want to take a much-needed vacation. This calculator can help give you an idea of what your monthly payment would be.

Contributing to a Traditional IRA can create a current tax deduction, plus it provides for tax-deferred growth. See what it could do for your retirement.