1. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. AEFCU Membership Required. Member allowed one Credit-Builder Loan per membership. Once all payments are made on your Credit-Builder Loan, you should see an improvement to your credit score, however results are not guaranteed.  Improvement in credit score is dependent on your specific situation and financial behaviors. This product will not repair credit, and negative credit history will not be removed from your credit report, as a result of this program. Any withdrawal from the CD during the term of the loan, or delinquent loan payments will terminate the Credit Builder program. Should you decide to cancel or prepay the loan, you must contact an AEFCU lending representative as soon as possible to request to close the loan. In all situations above, any principal payments that were made up until that point will remain in the CD until the end of the term, and interest earned will be forfeited. Standard CD early withdrawal penalty rates apply for closing the Certificate of Deposit early. Notification and closure must be completed before the loan is 30 days delinquent to avoid reporting of negative payment history. Additional terms and conditions apply.

2. 12-month credit-builder loan qualifies for up to a $100 bonus; 24-month credit-builder loan qualifies for up to a $250 bonus; 36-month credit-builder loan qualifies for up to a $500 bonus. Courses must be completed 30 days prior to loan payoff. Bonus will be paid within 60 days of final payment of loan and successful completion of the online courses as outlined. Online courses require a print out of the certificate of completion that can be emailed to: [email protected] or brought to any branch.