American Eagle Financial Credit Union is pleased to announce that our Online Banking and Mobile App will have new features and enhancements coming soon.

Starting May 26th, when you log into Online Banking or the AEFCU Mobile App, you will be asked to update or confirm your information. Please make sure that your information is valid or update as needed. This is an important step for you to complete as we make updates to your Online and Mobile Banking experience.

The AEFCU Mobile App will offer new features and enhancements:

  • The login background will be updated along with more features to tap on via the login page, such as Touch ID/Biometric, Locations, and Call Us.
  • Enhanced security identification will be added when logging in. Options include a text message code or phone call with a confirmation number that will need to be entered to complete login.
  • Upon login, the navigation bar will be changed, icons will be added, and more color will be seen.
  • Our Secure Message feature will now act as an “inbox” and will alert members when a new message arrives right on the top of the app.
  • On the Transfer tab, when going to make a transfer, the process will be slightly different. Instead of using a drop down to pick an account and having it all on the same screen, the process will be on multiple screens. The member will pick an account to transfer from and simply tap to keep the process moving until the transfer is complete.
  • Under the Account section, more details will be provided and check images can be viewed.

When logging into Online Banking, when accessed through a desktop, it will carry a new look and feel throughout the site. All original options are still available; however, some of the menu options have relocated or have a new name. You will be able to do all your banking the way you're used to.

We look forward to providing you an updated Online and Mobile Banking experience.