The turn of the year is always a special time of reflection, an opportunity to take inventory of accomplishments and to focus on the future with infinite possibilities.  This year carries a special significance, with the retirement of current President & CEO Dean Marchessault.  Simply stated, American Eagle realized the most prosperous years under Dean’s leadership evidenced by meaningful outcomes for our members and employees.

The good news for our members and market is that Dean and I prepared well for this transition.  Our team engaged in significant work over the last year to ensure continuity for members and employees.  You can continue to count on American Eagle to deliver on our values of caring, trust and dependability.  We will serve you and your community in the ways you have come to expect during our rich history over the last 86 years. 

As a child in a Navy family, I was immersed in a life of leadership and change.  As I moved across the globe every two or three years, I began to understand change and all the opportunities that arrive along with it.  I also learned the value of relationships and what it means to serve others.  These lessons of leadership, change, relationships and service correlate so naturally to the credit union movement.  I am fortunate to have worked in Connecticut credit unions for the last fifteen years and to understand the special stature of a not-for-profit on the financial services platform.  Know that I am honored to be called to lead American Eagle as the next President/CEO and to deliver on the mandate to provide increasing value for our community. 

As we turn the page to a new year, change is evident in so many facets of our lives, without any real signs of a slowdown in the environment.  One thing that will not change is that American Eagle is here to serve you--our members.  It is also important to understand that we are working hard to identify new ways of engaging with you, anticipating your financial needs and deepening our relationship.  Thank you all for your engagement in our Credit Union, I look forward to the year ahead and hope to see you soon in our community!

Howard Brady
President & Chief Executive Officer