Grateful. That’s how I felt in closing out 2020, undoubtedly a year many folks would like to forget. I am grateful, of course, for all of your support, patience, and patronage. We had to make (and continue to make) many adjustments to keep you all safe and to try to help all of you counter the impacts of the pandemic, whether it be through loan accommodations, fighting off fraud, fee waivers, or helping to better use some of our recently enhanced electronic banking solutions that have proven to be a real help to so many during this epidemic. During all this chaos, I am grateful that so many of you have made American Eagle your number one choice to take out a loan in 2020, leading to record results in new mortgage loan volumes.

Grateful. I am appreciative that our team that made safety a number one priority, and I am grateful that with all that they had to deal with, they did so with a strong team spirit, great adaptability, and a desire to help each and every one of you as much as they could.

Grateful. I am glad that we were able to find so many ways to help our communities as nearly everything went virtual due to the pandemic. We missed making those important personal connections with so many at schools, businesses, and community organizations that are the lifeblood of our community service imperatives. We closed out the year with the sponsorships of 3 local holiday light shows that have proven to be a very popular way for families and friends to safely enjoy some holiday cheer. 

Over the last couple of months, we renovated our Manchester branch on Broad Street and it is a welcome change for the community there. We also just relocated our East Hartford Main Street location, having been there since 1952. While a somewhat more subdued event during the pandemic, opening this new space at Main and Ensign streets offers a fresh new take on our branch delivery strategy with the inclusion of video teller services at the drive-thru lanes. Our capable staff in both locations are eager to engage with you and address any credit, savings, insurance, or investment needs you may have in the future.  

In 2021, we are preparing for a lot of new enhancements to our branch and back-office technology and service environments that will speed up account opening, account servicing, teller window service, and identification practices next spring. New systems will provide our staff in the branches, in our Call Centers, and in our lending areas with more information that is better integrated for them to serve you more efficiently. 

The Board of Directors and the entire team at American Eagle Financial Credit Union wish you, your family, and your friends all of the best in 2021 and beyond. We continue to be successful because you, our loyal members and friends, demonstrate trust and confidence in our team and our volunteer Board of Directors.


Dean Marchessault
President & Chief Executive Officer