Our journey through the pandemic is ongoing with lingering questions about how or when our lives and businesses will return to “normal.”  With the introduction of additional uncertainty in supply chains, the interest rate environment, and the economy in general, we find ourselves asking more questions about our collective future. And then there is the invasion of Ukraine and the possibilities that global conflict entails. Stability is the fundamental need of the moment and there is no debating that there are plenty of challenges for us individually and for our community. Regardless of the specific headwinds we face, I want you to know that American Eagle is here to support you. We take great pride in delivering on our mission at a time of great need for the community. Our ability to be there for you is rooted in our values at American Eagle.  Our values of caring, trust and dependability give us inspiration, hope, and a sense of renewal in pursuit of supporting you, our members. 

Caring. Our team at American Eagle is committed to caring for our community in meaningful ways.  Naturally, we continue to work hard to keep employees and members safe during the pandemic. In the spirit of caring and giving, American Eagle and our employees donate our time and treasure to nonprofit organizations within our field of membership through direct donations and volunteerism. Moreover, in response to the real-time conflict in Ukraine, Connecticut Credit Unions raised more than $50,000, including a donation of $10,000 from American Eagle, to support Ukrainians and refugees affected by the conflict. An estimated 20,000 Ukrainian-Americans live in Connecticut, making it the tenth-largest Ukrainian population in the United States. If you would like to contribute to the cause, please visit www.ctcreditunions.org

Trust. Relationships are the currency of life and they are deeply rooted in trust.  We value the relationship with our members and your trust in us — and we are dedicated to protecting you and your money. A relevant example at American Eagle includes our team’s proactive approach in anticipating and addressing any potential cyber issues or threats that may pose a risk to our members or the Credit Union.  This action is essential with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  As a not-for-profit on the financial services platform, we are in a unique position to put the membership at the center of every decision we make.  Know that we are dedicated to doing the right thing for you, your family, and our membership.

Dependability. We want to help create and sustain stability for our members in your financial lives.  One of the key ways we deliver consistent value is through our products and services and their alignment to the market’s needs. Our team recently piloted a new program called the Credit-Builder, intended to help consumers build a relationship with American Eagle and (re)establish credit, understand fundamental financial principles, and save for a rainy day or future purchase. Moreover, we are here to consult with members regarding your credit to ensure low rates when you need a loan. Be aware that we will have a loan promotion starting in April that will allow members to refinance a car loan(s) to help create cash flow and decrease finance costs over the remaining term of the loan. This promotion is an excellent opportunity for members to save money in a rising rate environment.  Members can also count on us to have relevant technologies in response to changing consumer demands, illustrated by ongoing online and mobile banking investments.  Finally, you can depend on us to find increasingly meaningful ways to anticipate your financial needs.

Despite various challenges in the environment, we are resilient with considerable energy as we chart the course into the balance of 2022.  Our talented team at American Eagle is prepared to serve our membership and meet your individual financial needs. Our employees and volunteer Board of Directors are excited about the future and committed to delivering on our values of caring, trust, and dependability.  Our ability to be there for our members and community gives us purpose and renews us in our daily work. Thank you for your engagement at American Eagle; we truly value our relationship.


Howard Brady
President & Chief Executive Officer