January 3, 2022, will be my last day with American Eagle Financial Credit Union as I move into “‘retirement” mode. Most folks doubt that I will be successful in the quick deceleration expected after 42 years of post-college work in financial services. I will say that the greatest blessing of my professional life was coming to American Eagle, after having spent the first 20 years at some of the larger organizations in our space. It has been an honor to work with the other leaders and teammates here, along with so many teams and individuals in our larger communities.

Howard D. Brady will be taking over for me as President & CEO in January, and you will hear from him in this venue and in other communications in the new year.

We have all been through, and are still going through, a series of challenges and, out of those, we have seen great opportunities too. Despite the COVID pandemic, the team completed a major systems refit, while maintaining steady levels of services across the organization. Our systems are continually being upgraded for better usability and security, providing you with great convenience and peace of mind. Our branch teams have found ways to best serve you with technology and personalized service, while maintaining safety as a number one goal.

Our staff working from home continues to provide a high level of support to the rest of the organization. Working together, everyone has your interests in mind every day by supporting one another and being one team.

Let’s agree…until you are part of the credit union movement, or any other cooperative for that matter, you don’t know what you are missing. While the nearly 5,000 credit unions across the country make up only a small percentage of the banking public’s market share, we like to say that we try to deliver something different; in our mission, in our structure, and in our local community engagement that has flourished over the years. While larger organizations monopolize markets and keep pace with their shareholder expectations, not-for-profit credit unions continue to chug along and serve members and do so over the long term with the membership front and center every day. Different can be better!     

A big thank you to everyone at American Eagle: Our volunteer Board of Directors, the members, the team, our vendors, our trade groups, and all the other constituents that have provided support, input, time and treasure into making the Credit Union into the largest community credit union in Connecticut and one of the top 150 credit unions in membership and total assets in the country.

Bless you all!


Dean Marchessault
President & Chief Executive Officer