Protecting your identity and personal financial information is a top priority for us. We’re excited to introduce two new in-branch methods to quickly and securely authenticate your identity: ID scanning and Palm Vein Authentication.

Identification Scanning

The next time you visit a branch, you will be asked to present your driver’s license or another acceptable form of identification. Your license or ID will be scanned into our system. This one-time process will help make your future branch transactions faster and more secure.

Palm Vein Authentication

What is it? Palm Vein Authentication (PVA) is a form of biometric identification widely used by organizations that require greater security measures (e.g., banks, military, government, etc.) to positively identify employees and customers. PVA is considered the safest and most secure of all biometric identification over fingerprint, facial, and voice recognition.

How does it work? The optional enrollment process takes just a few minutes. You’ll place each hand separately over the scanner and an infrared light will read more than five million vein patterns in your palm. The patterns are encrypted and converted to a unique number that is matched to your member record in our system. This process is fast and safe. No physical or personal data is saved, including finger or handprint information.

No more presenting ID. Once enrolled, you no longer have to present an ID to transact business at a branch. You simply place your hand over the scanner at the teller counter or Member Services desk. Your identity will be authenticated immediately and your account information will load on the employee’s computer screen for faster service. PVA helps prevent anyone from impersonating your identity at a branch.

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