American Eagle Financial Credit Union hosted over 400 students at Rentschler Field for the Financial Reality Fair. The fair was designed to give students an immersive experience in financial education. American Eagle partnered with the Credit Union League of Connecticut to host the event.

This “Bite of Reality” simulation program introduces middle and high school students to the basics of real-world financial realities and puts them on a path to financial freedom. The program directs students to choose a profession and make financial decisions they will be faced with later in life: housing, education, clothing and more. The process builds a foundation of understanding proper budgeting that is essential to their future financial success.

“We know that the road to successful financial freedom begins when you are young and the Financial Reality Fair allowed students to get a hands-on experience to jumpstart their financial journeys,” said Howard Brady, President & CEO of American Eagle Financial Credit Union. “We prioritize financial education for all of our members and non-members by offering experiences like this one for students as well as free seminars, online education and trained American Eagle team members to educate anyone who walks into our credit unions. ”

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