Teresa Knox, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at American Eagle Financial Credit Union and David Hinchey, Director of Community Impact for the Credit Union League of Connecticut conducted a financial literacy program for 70 students attending the PElabs internship program at Pathways Academy of Technology & Design High School in East Hartford.

PElabs is a paid 5 ½ week summer internship program that strives to create a better life for urban youth through product creation using STEM related programs. The internship helps students develop professional and entrepreneurial skills and build their professional network, résumé, and portfolio. 

The students learned about the importance of financial budgeting and the use of checking and credit products. They also participated in the “Bite of Reality” simulation.  The simulation which uses an interactive app allows students to experience real life expenses and income and understand the financial impact on decisions they make. Students are also faced with random financial emergencies and must also learn how their credit score impacts their financial future.

To date, the foundation and CT Credit Unions have served more than 2,500 CT students in a virtual/hybrid setting and more than 36,000 students in our in-person format. For more information on how your credit union can leverage Bite of Reality to deliver financial education in your community, contact Dave Hinchey at dhinchey@culct.coop.