Online Banking Tools Offer Convenience And Security

It's the environmentally friendly way to get your monthly account update. You get instant access to your balances and all your account activity.

  • Cut down on the amount of paper you use
  • Get fast access to 18 months of account history
  • Reduce the fraud risk that comes from paper statement being placed in the mail
Spending Reports

We give you the financial data you need to analyze your household budget. It's easy to track your spending activity in real-time and seek out savings.

  • Group your spending into meaningful categories
  • Set budgets for each spending category
  • Create savings goals for every account
Bill Pay

Electronic payments make it a snap to complete your monthly bill-paying tasks. By paying online, you save time and spend less on stamps and envelopes.

  • Pay your bills anytime, from anywhere
  • Schedule automatic payments for recurring bills
  • Use Popmoney to send money to anyone with a mobile number or email address
Identity Verification

To protect your personal information, we might contact you before allowing access to your account online. A simple response will ensure that your transactions are secure.

  • Text with a confirmation code
  • Phone call with a confirmation code
  • Questions to which only you should know the answers
Advanced Authentication

We go beyond passwords to safeguard your personal information. Security questions and other precautions help prevent identity theft and unauthorized account access.

  • Choose an image and create your own phrase
  • Provide answers to four security questions
  • Have your computer identified as being "safe"
Open An Account

When you get the urge to enhance your savings habits, just remember that it only takes a few minutes to open many of our accounts online.

  • All checking accounts
  • Personal Savings Account
  • Money Market
Apply For A Loan

If you need a little extra money, you can apply for a loan without leaving your home. Online applications are available for many types of loans.

  • Choose from personal loans, auto loans and credit cards
  • Online application is simple to complete
  • An American Eagle FCU Loan Officer will contact you
Send Us A Secure Message

Follow these steps to send a private and secure message to the Credit Union's Member Contact Center.

  1. Log into American Eagle's Online Banking.
  2. Select Messages from the Accounts page.
  3. Select Compose New.
  4. Complete the Message Details screen.
  5. Select the green Send button.

A representative will respond to your request within 48 hours.