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Personal Video Banking Now Open at East Hartford Main Office

High-tech banking with a human touch is here! American Eagle Financial Credit Union introduced our first Video Teller Machine (VTM).

Teller Transactions Without a Voucher
Members can conduct business by two-way audio/video conversation with a Video Financial Representative stationed at our Member Contact Center in Glastonbury.

Transactions include deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers, payments, and check cashing. Members can do all this without using a voucher from a private area in our 417 Main Street, East Hartford lobby.

The VTM features a 19-inch privacy touchscreen, phone handset, earphone audio jack, security camera, and it’s ADA-compliant. The VTM also works as a traditional self-service ATM, dispensing bills in 50-, 20-, and 5-dollar denominations.

Meet Our Video Financial Representatives
Members using the VTM will be served by Mimi (left), Jonathan (center), or Kerri (right), one of three Video Financial Representatives who will process your transactions quickly and efficiently. These dedicated employees have many years of member service experience with the Credit Union.

We invite members coming the East Hartford office to give it a try. Simply walk up to the VTM and tap the screen to get started.



Thanks to Our First Video Teller Machine User
Congratulations to Howard (left), who was our first member to perform a transaction at the Video Teller Machine on August 7th in East Hartford.

He received a $50 Visa gift card from Branch Manager Santo Pirrotta (right) in honor of the occasion. Thanks Howard!